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Therapize Programs and Events


Quiet Visits With Santa


​Therapize has created a soothing experience where children with sensory issues get to take part in a holiday tradition. These kids could never endure the loud noises and crowds of a mall or other public setting. In seven years we have hosted more than 230 children in what has already become a Wilmington holiday tradition.

Music with Arndt

​In a Therapize supported event, Parents and children of all abilities can make sweet music together!


Soccer Shots

We team up with our friends at Soccer Shots each year to fund a series of classes. We believe that sports belong to everyone and that each child should know the thrill of succeeding in competition.

Dogs and Kids.jpg

Dog Days

Each year, Therapize teams up with Carolina Canines and introduces their dogs to our kids. There is something about the bond between animals and children. Children, who oftentimes have a hard time connecting with humans, will open up to something fluffy and furry if it’s sitting on their lap. Many of the children who showed up came armed with a book and read a story to their new friends.

hair cuts 5.jpg

Haircuts and Hayrides

This event takes place on a farm. We try to schedule this event around the start of the School Year. Local hairstylists volunteer to come out on a Saturday to trim the heads of children who cannot sit in a traditional setting.

dance 2.jpg

Chance to Dance

​Pink Slipper Academy hosts monthly dance classes in The Hive at the Clinic. These are Adaptive ballet classes for individuals with varying special needs.


Upcoming Events that you will help make possible!

Flow and Grow Yoga Classes: Yoga instructor Sarah Brintle will be hosting classes to help increase concentration, flexibility, and strength. Yoga can also help develop coordination and reduce stress and anxiety

Make Friends and Plant Flowers: A bonding experience for teen girls on the Spectrum

Special Needs Art Show TBA: Right now we are reaching out to several business offices in the Cape Fear Region asking them to display artwork that is created by special needs children.

Fall Festival TBA: Our vision is to create a fun afternoon for families with face and pumpkin painting, games, and activities in a soothing environment. 

Sign Language Classes 

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