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Therapize is a 4013C headquartered in Wilmington. Our mission is to develop and coordinate therapeutic programs that are poorly funded and/or unavailable to children in our community. We work with all special needs children and their families with a concentration on kids on the Autism Spectrum.

In 2015 Dr. Karen Harum and the staff of a Clinic for Special Children teamed up with journalist Doug Wahl to launch the area's first Quiet Visits with Santa program. 


All of our events are open to the special needs public. Even though our origins come from the Clinic for Special Children, a child does not need to be a patient at the Clinic in order to participate. 
Many of our efforts are the direct result of meeting passionate and talented people who want to share their gifts with these amazing families. We’ve teamed up with other area organizations as well as individuals who are driven to make a difference. If you have an idea for a Therapize sponsored event contact our Community Outreach Director Doug Wahl.


All About Therapize

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